Policy Advocacy For Menstrual Health and Strategic Partners


IIEA has designed and facilitated grassroots, national, regional and global advocacy processes around menstrual health respectively. The advocacy engagements hinges on promoting menstrual health and building resilient communities through shaping policies, encouraging budgetary commitments for menstrual products, promoting the idea of tax exemption of menstrual products, and encouraging increased usage of environmentally friendly menstrual products.

National Advocacy
Regional Advocacy
Global Advocacy

National advocacy plays a pivotal role in driving social change and addressing systemic issues. The Irise Institute East Africa, dedicated to menstrual health education and advocacy, engages in national advocacy efforts to raise awareness, drive policy change, and empower young women around Uganda. Through strategic initiatives and partnerships, Irise Institute East Africa promotes menstrual equity, destigmatizes menstruation, and advocates for the rights and well-being of young girls and women.

IIEA with partnership from the African Women's Development Fund, organized and holds regional webinars on understanding the menstrual health landscape in East Africa, in Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda, reaching over 205 participants from 33 countries worldwide, including adolescents, academia, government representatives, civil society representatives, and young individuals. 

IIEA participates in the Global Menstrual Health Advocacy stream at the Global Period Poverty Forum. The forum brings together those bringing impact across the world to end period poverty.

We Understand the importance of numbers.

Develop country-specific and regional comprehensive plans for budgeting for and executing of Menstrual Health interventions and practices.

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